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Prospector Launches New Interactive Mexico Target Map

A Powerful Combination of Interactive Geospatial Mapping and AI-Powered Search and Insights Modernizes Research and Investment in Mining

A Powerful Combination of Interactive Geospatial Mapping and AI-Powered Search and Insights Modernizes Research and Investment in Mining

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 16, 2021 /CNW/ — Prospector (the “Company”), a search engine for the mining industry, launched an Interactive map of mining projects and areas of interest in Mexico — the Mexico Target Map.

An image of the predictive analytics in the new Mexico Target Map.

Prospector’s new interactive map provides subscribers a user-friendly way to explore properties in Mexico by geography, commodity, proximity to infrastructure and known mines — and to see whether those properties fall under an existing concession. The tool offers a predictive analytics tool called the “Prospector Target” map that compares areas of potential interest against 115 mineral deposit models and tells the user how closely that area matches known mineral deposit models. While Mexico is the first country map on offer, the Company plans to cover other countries as well as offer companies an “Explorer Version” of the Target Map with higher levels of data and granularity.

“The Mexico Target Map expands Prospector’s capabilities in exciting ways,” said Emily King, Founder of Prospector. “Mexico is a valuable place to expand our coverage and ultimately we are focused on creating value for our audience of mining investors and mining companies by offering unparalleled data and capabilities.”

Prospector draws data from various public exchanges such as TMX Datalinx, which operates the Toronto Stock Exchange and represents 48% of publicly traded mining projects globally. The Mexico Target Map — a tool that is now available as part of Prospector’s regular subscription of $75/user/month — is embedded within the Prospector platform and can be accessed through the Mexico Country Dashboard.

Emily King will conduct a demonstration of Prospector and the Mexico Target Map during a webinar at 12pm EST on February 18th. She will be joined by Katherine Smuk, of Minerva Intelligence and Douglas Coleman, Founding Director of the Mexico Mining Center. Register at

Prospector is an AI-enabled technology platform built to modernize the way investors and researchers search for and access information about mining. Founded in 2020 by global mining expert Emily King, Prospector created the industry’s first searchable digital database with an easily navigable interface that allows anyone to tap into information about the mining industry. Prospector is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Analog Gold, a mining investment company.

For more, visit or follow on Twitter (@ProspectorAI) or LinkedIn.

For further information: Margarita Duran, Prospector, +1 (954) 687–5515,,

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