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Is Uranium Demand Changing?

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Join mining industry experts from Prospector and VRIFY as they dive into the major financing trends affecting the industry in 2023. Topics covered include rising project costs, the supply chain gap for critical minerals, attracting investment from new sources, and how technology and AI can make exploration more efficient. We also discuss insightful commentary on navigating current market challenges and opportunities.

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Fighting Climate Change Trumps Supplying Minerals For Energy Transition

A global survey by stakeholder intelligence firm Caliber found the mining, metals and minerals sector has middling familiarity and an average reputation, with a Trust & Like Score of 66 out of 100. While 39% perceive the industry as having a more positive impact than 5 years ago, respondents still largely demand reduced environmental harm and CO2 emissions. Use of water was singled out as the most serious issue. Though 67% think fighting climate change should be as or more important than ensuring metal supply security, establishing an overarching global regulator faces major obstacles. Ultimately, the industry's low visibility means communicating positions clearly around topics of public concern can help shape perceptions and trust.

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An Investor’s Guide To Copper In 3 Charts

Copper is the world’s third-most utilized industrial metal and the linchpin of many clean energy technologies. It forms the vital connections in our electricity networks, grid storage systems, and electric vehicles.

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House Committee Debates Space Mining

A House Natural Resources subcommittee held a partisan hearing on space mining, with Republicans arguing it is essential for US interests while Democrats questioned the need to prioritize it and the committee's jurisdiction. Witnesses warned the US risks falling behind China in utilizing space resources that could become critical future mineral supplies. But a scientist cautioned decisions require careful review of ethical and societal impacts beyond business interests. The debate illustrated divides on jurisdictional authority and funding priorities.

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NORI Says Environmental Impact Of Seafloor Mining Less Than Feared

Nauru Ocean Resources, a subsidiary of The Metals Company, has started sharing data from monitoring the sediment plumes created during its 2022 test mining of seabed nodules containing critical minerals. Verified modeling shows, contrary to some activist claims, that the plume hugs the seafloor rather than lofting into the water column, spreading laterally based on gravity and terrain. The Metals Company says this demonstrates the importance of scientific investigation over speculation when assessing environmental impacts. Still, deep sea mining faces widespread opposition as The Metals Company aims to commence commercial operations by late 2025, pending regulator approval.

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US Miners Miss Out On Tax Credit

The U.S. Treasury Department has issued new guidance on tax credits that manufacturers can receive under the Inflation Reduction Act for producing parts needed for the energy transition. Companies that mine raw materials like lithium and cobalt will not be eligible for the 10% production tax credit, nor will battery recyclers that extract materials. The credits are meant to incentivize domestic production and will benefit manufacturers further down the supply chain, like aluminum producers Alcoa and Century Aluminum. However, mining associations argue the rules fail to encourage reliable mineral supply chains and claim the guidance misinterprets the law in a way that will benefit China.

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Phillips Property (Nestor Falls Project)

Company: Golden Rapture Mining Corp.

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Gold

Date: 12/08/23

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Balancing the interests of different stakeholder groups in mining can be difficult. In your opinion, which group should have the greatest influence when companies are making decisions?

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