Mining & Exploration in Nevada with Ewan Downie

On this week's episode of On the Rocks, we chat with Ewan Downie about Nevada's mining industry and the importance of critical minerals and gold.

This week on On the Rocks, host Emily King is joined by Ewan Downie, CEO of i-80 Gold Corp

Emily and Ewan dig into mining in Nevada, and why it's such an important piece of the USA mining puzzle. In 2021, Nevada mines produced 138.9 tonnes of gold and 193.4 tonnes of silver! Ewan also discusses the many projects that i-80 is focusing on, and how this exploration is leading to exciting discoveries. 

"A tried and true saying, in my opinion, in the mining industry is 'the best place to find an orebody is in the shadow of a headframe'."

Emily and Ewan also discuss the hot topics of critical minerals and the supply chain, in which mining plays an essential role. As we consider critical and battery minerals, what does that mean for gold? 

"Gold is the only currency that doesn't have any political influence it... it's the first currency that I think was used, and I often tell people it will be the last currency too."

Grab your Alyris Vineyards Chardonnay and dig in to the full episode! 

i-80 Gold Corp. is a company focused on projects in Nevada, USA, with many projects in advanced exploration stages. Learn more on Prospector.  

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