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🪨 Emily King's Thoughts On China’s Graphite Export Restrictions

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🪨 Emily King's Thoughts On China’s Graphite Export Restrictions

Here we go again, another blow by China in the critical minerals space. Are any of us surprised? At some point we need to take responsibility for our country’s abdication of responsibility for self-sufficiency in this space. We have six publicly traded graphite projects in the US, and yet the world’s leading superpower doesn’t have one producing graphite mine. Blaming China doesn't fly - we can’t expect to win the game if we don’t even get on the field.

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Emily King

Emily King

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The Treasure Trove At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Dig into our latest blog post all about Deep Sea Mining - what it is, it's 100+ year history, as well as its promises and perils!

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🎧 On The Rocks

In this audio replay of our September Monthly Mining Roundup we dig into drill results with special guest, Kurt Breede!

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📰 In The News

This Asteroid Mining Startup Is Ready To Launch The First-Ever Commercial Deep Space Mission

The California-based startup Astroforge is aiming to be the first private company to mine resources from asteroids in deep space. They are sending a spacecraft called Brokkr-2 on a SpaceX rocket next year that will travel to an asteroid expected to be rich in valuable metals. While other companies have tried asteroid mining before and failed due to high costs, Astroforge believes today's lower launch prices give them a better shot at success. If Brokkr-2 can confirm the asteroid has abundant metals, Astroforge plans future missions to develop mining techniques and eventually return materials to Earth to sell. Despite significant risks, the founders are "all-in" on realizing their vision of commercially viable space mining.

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Key Questions About ESG In Mining

The mining industry faces pressing ESG challenges in 2023, according to expert David Kurtz. On the environmental front, reducing emissions and transitioning away from diesel remain key priorities, with renewable energy and electric vehicles emerging as promising technologies, albeit long-term transitions. Socially, generating local economic benefits and improving diversity are critical focus areas. While most miners have set ESG goals and are reporting performance, practical challenges exist, so it remains to be seen if all companies will fully deliver.

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Robert Friedland Warns We’re ‘On The Verge Of Destroying Ourselves As A Species’

Speaking at The Northern Miner's Canadian Mining Symposium, the renowned mining financier Robert Friedland gave a frank keynote freshly off a flight from Mongolia, covering topics from the green energy transition to geopolitical divides. He declared current batteries will be obsolete in 3-4 years as new chemistries emerge, so miners must prepare now for the next generation. Friedland also warned of dangerous polarization economically and philosophically, saying humanity risks destroying itself as opposing camps form over issues like climate change versus war. He called for calming the inflammatory dialogue. Overall, Friedland urged the industry to look ahead and adapt to coming technological and societal disruptions.

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Which European Countries Are The Best And Worst At Recycling?

The EU has increased recycling rates but progress is slowing, with only 38% of waste recycled on average in 2020. Total waste is dominated by mining and construction, but for municipal waste the recycling rate is 49.6%. Performance varies widely, from 5% in Romania to over 80% in Italy. Better policies like landfill bans and fees are key drivers where recycling thrives. The EU also exports large amounts of waste, especially to Turkey, while imports are smaller. Despite rising recycling, Europe still landfills or incinerates most of its waste, showing significant room for improvement towards a circular economy.

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⚒️ Mining Data Digest Snapshot

Screen Shot 2023-10-16 at 10.47.31 AM


Daggett Lithium Project

Company: M3 Metals Corp. (MT:TSXV)

Geography: USA

Minerals: Lithium

Date: 10/13/23

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The Daggett Lithium Project consists of 96 claims covering 784 hectares in the Mojave Desert in California. The project hosts lithium-enriched clays within the Miocene Barstow Formation exposed over a 7km trend. A brief surface sampling program in 2022 returned anomalous lithium values, although lab assays were lower than initial field readings. The project is considered to have potential for economically extractable lithium based on the large area and thickness of mineralization.

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