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⛰️ Catching Our Breath From Colorado!

We had a great week at the Precious Metals Summit, and we're looking forward to all the exciting ideas from around the industry!

⛰️ Catching Our Breath From Colorado!

There is nothing like running from meeting to meeting at 8,100 feet (2,469m) to get that heart pumping! We are back from Precious Metals Summit at Beaver Creek and finally catching our breath again. Overall, it was a fantastic conference and a great start to all the fall get-togethers! Some exciting opportunities and ideas are popping up around the industry, and we can’t wait to dig into them through Q4! But for now, we hope you enjoy the latest Nugget!

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September Monthly Mining Roundup

Join us on September 29th for our latest livestream on LinkedIn! This month we are chatting all things drilling - including a look into what our data has to say about the summer drill season! Join us live and share your thoughts and insights!

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🎧 On The Rocks

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📰 In The News

Uranium Price Makes Fresh Decade High

The uranium market is in a bull run, with prices up 20% in 2023 to over $60/lb, the highest since 2011. Demand forecasts continue growing more bullish as nuclear's role in the green transition becomes clear. The World Nuclear Association predicts uranium demand nearly doubling by 2040, fueled by surging reactor construction, especially in China. Excitement around small modular reactors is also expected to boost demand significantly. This points to the need for new uranium mining projects, as secondary supplies bridging the supply gap will diminish long-term.

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150-Year-Old Mining Law In Administration’s Crosshairs For Reform

The Biden administration released recommendations to reform mining on public lands, aiming to boost domestic critical mineral supply for clean energy while protecting communities and the environment. Key reforms include modernizing the 150-year-old Mining Law of 1872 and transitioning to a new leasing system. Other recommendations focus on increasing public and Tribal engagement in permitting, supporting more sustainable technologies and workforce development, and addressing abandoned mine pollution. 

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“Why Geologists Love To Lick Rocks” Wins Ig Noble Prize

British geologist Jan Zalasiewicz won the 2021 Ig Nobel Prize in Geology & Chemistry for his essay on why geologists lick rocks. While licking has limitations today, Zalasiewicz concludes it remains a simple, effective method for geologists to gain knowledge, especially in the field. He was honored by the humorously intended prize highlighting funny but thought-provoking research.

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Critical Minerals Shine At Precious Metals Summit

At the Precious Metals Summit, speakers discussed challenges facing mining, including attracting investments despite high critical metals demand. Experts see potential for a major mining boom driven by uranium, battery metals, and copper for the energy transition. But fresh perspectives and capital are needed to tap this opportunity. Speakers were bullish on copper, nickel, and silver in particular, citing strong demand and tight supply. The industry may be on the cusp of a rejuvenation if it can deliver profits to investors.

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Lithium Tech Developers Eye Ways To Boost Water Recycling

Mining companies are rapidly developing more sustainable direct lithium extraction (DLE) technologies. But high water usage has sparked concerns. Firms are now focused on recycling water in DLE, with developers like IBAT and EnergyX targeting 90-98% recovery. This should assuage worries about mining's environmental impact. Companies expect DLE to become commercially viable by 2025. With DLE advances, lithium supply is now seen as the constraint on electric vehicle growth.

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⚒️ Mining Data Digest Snapshot

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Copper World Project

Company: Hudbay Minerals Inc. (HBM:TSX)

Geography: Arizona

Minerals: Copper, Molybdenum, Silver

Date: 9/8/23

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Wawa Project

Company: Red Pine Exploration Inc (RPX:TSXV)

Geography: Canada

Minerals: Gold

Date: 9/14/23

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Red Pine Exploration has reported new drilling results from its ongoing exploration program at the Jubilee Shear Zone at its Wawa Gold Project in Ontario. Red Pine states the results continue to expand high-grade mineralization in the Jubilee Shear while also extending footprints of mineralization in overlying zones. The company says the drilling validates its strategy to incorporate the upper portions of the existing Surluga and Minto resources into a future open pit/underground model, with an updated resource estimate targeted for Q2/Q3 2024.

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