Blood Diamonds and Batteries, Using Blockchain for Supply Chains

In this episode, we have Leanne Kemp and Rakalene Condon of Everledger, who work to increase transparency in mineral supply chains using blockchain.

For this episode, we have two special guests - Leanne Kemp and Rakalene Condon, CEO and Head of Product respectively for Everledger, where their team works to increase transparency and trust with technology - blockchain specifically - in close collaboration with industry partners.  
On today’s episode we start with one of my personal favorite topics - gemstones - and how important provenance is to the industry and what lessons have been learned from the issue of “blood diamonds” that can be applied to batteries. 
Leanne and Rakalene also educate me in this episode about blockchain terminology and protocols, and how those protocols impact the environmental footprint of blockchain operations.  
We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, pour a glass of something and let’s jump in!

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